• GF40

    High performance lightweight NVG designed for ground forces

  • ANV-20/20 Test Set

    A compact, portable system designed to provide NVG users with pre-flight adjustment by checking focus and mechanical alignment.

  • ANV-126A Test Set

    The ANV-126A can perform a full range of critical tests on NVGs in either operational or maintenance environments.

  • HVS-126A

    Designed to evaluate performance of night vision goggles / devices in conjunction with the Hoffman ANV-126A test set

  • Phosphor Analyser

    Offers a straightforward process to determine the type of NVG phosphor.

  • 705 Auto-Separation NVG Mount

    A Night Vision Goggle mounting bracket that automatically separates from the helmet during the ejection sequence.

  • ANV-20/20 Test Set Wall Mount

    An efficient and versatile wall-mounting bracket for the ANV-20/20 Test Set.

  • ANV-120 NVG Gain Bench

    A self contained unit for measuring NVG gain in terms of output luminance per unit of input luminance