The new lightweight Fenn NG700+ System is the newest and most advanced in our range of night vision goggles.

The system consists of a high performance goggle which is based on our successful Fenn NG700 series of NVGs, and an external helmet mounted power pack which also acts as a counterbalance weight.

This NVG has been designed to provide the best low light performance by utilising an F/1 objective lens to maximise performance of the image intensifier tubes in low light conditions.  

The wide 47.5° field of view at 30mm eye relief, results in increased spatial awareness for the operator whilst reducing the need for head movement thus increasing safety and reducing fatigue.

The design eliminates any single point of failure as each image intensifier tube is powered independently by separate electrical circuits. The power pack uses four standard AA batteries, two are used to power the NVG, whilst the other two provide back up. 

The NG700+ NVG also has an integrated low battery level warning light to prompt the operator to switch to reserve batteries. Total battery life is in excess of 40 hours.

Key Features & Benefits include:

  • Lightweight design
  • Fast F/1 objective lens
  • Wide field of view - 47.5° at 30mm eye relief 
  • Uses standard AA batteries
  • No single point of power failure
  • Can be fitted with Gen 2 or Gen 3 image intensifier tubes
  • Available with class A, B, C and UK645 blue filters
  • DNVG compatible
  • Designed for rotary-wing aircraft
  • Designed and manufactured within the EU
  • No ITAR
  • Ergonomically designed

Goggle Mass
Bracket Mass
NVG Power Pack Mass

Battery Type
Battery Life
Field of View
Low Light Performance 
Spectral Response
Brightness Gain

Interpupillary Adjustment
Fore/Aft Adjustment
Vertical Adjustment
Tilt Adjustment
Objective Lens Filters
Objective Lens Focus
Eyepiece Adjustment
Operating Temperatures

265g (excluding internal counterbalance weights), 375g (including internal counterbalance weights)
4xAA (2xAA provide reserve)
40 hours (20 hours per set)
47.5° at 30mm eye relief
F/1 Objective Lens
Visible to 0.90µm (IR)
1.2 cy/mrad minimum
6500 fL/fL typical
<1° convergence/divergence
<0.5° dipvergence
Independent 52 to 72mm
20mm range
24mm range
Class A, B & C filters or UK 645 Filters
To infinity 
+2 to -4 dioptres
Spring loaded pivot
-32° C to +52° C