Fenn NG700D Night Vision Goggles are high-performance devices with excellent light gathering power and a wide field of view, making them well suited for both rotary wing and fixed-wing applications in the most challenging conditions. This device is currently in service with the UK Ministry of Defence and Police Air Support Units.


The system is notable for its high-quality, large aperture objective lens, which offers exceptional performance in low light conditions. This exceptional capability will enhance the operational effectiveness of all types of image intensifier tube technology.


With a 47.5° field of view at 30mm eye relief, these NVGs increase spatial awareness for the operator whilst reducing the need for head movement. Ultimately, safety is improved and operator fatigue is reduced.

In addition, the Fenn NG700 is now DNVG compatible, further increasing operational capability with all the advantages that digital imagery brings.

Fenn Night Vision Goggles have all been designed to eliminate any single point where power could fail. Each image intensifier tube is powered independently by separate batteries and by separate electrical circuits. This significantly reduces the risk of total system power failure, making the NG700 a hard-working and hard-wearing device.

Key Features & Benefits

- Excellent light gathering power, ideally suited to the lowest light levels
- No single point of power failure
- Available with Class A, B, C and UK645 Blue Filters
- Can be fitted with Gen 2 or Gen 3 image intensifier tubes
- Rotary and fixed wing applications
- Auto-separation mount available for fixed wing use

Spectral Response
Field of View
Brightness Gain

Interpupillary Adjustment
Fore/Aft Adjustment
Vertical Adjustment
Tilt Adjustment
Objective Lens Filter
Objective Lens Focus
Eyepiece Adjustment
Battery Type
Total Weight of System
Operating Temperature
Visible to 0.90µm (IR)
47.5º at 30mm eye relief
1.2 cy/mrad
6500 fL/fL typical
<1º convergence/divergence
<0.5º dipvergence
Independent 52  to 72mm
20mm range
24mm range
Class A, B & C Filters or UK 645 Filters
To infinity
+2 to -4 dioptres
Spring loaded or friction pivot available
2 x ½ AA size Lithium
760g (including helmet mount)
-32ºC to +52ºC